Mr. Timmermans I do not forbid »Starting by the EC to the Polish art. 7 of the EU Treaties did not affect the quotations of our currency. Gold admittedly somewhat weakened, but it was a moderate movement. – They have an impact on two factors; First, the decision was well signaled and not of surprise. Second, the market is aware that the risk of the introduction of sanctions against the Polish, which could have a greater impact on the condition of Polish economy remains low – explains Wojciech Stepien, an analyst at Raiffeisen Bank.Rafal Benecki, chief economist at ING Bank, notes that investors there is a widespread belief that the Hungarians, Romanians, and perhaps other members of the EU will not be willing to support sanctions on Poland. With the EC decision on the issue if they do not, credit rating agencies. They indicate, however, that if in the future conflict with Brussels translate into the confidence of investors, it will affect our credibility kredytowej.- potential negative effects of political uncertainty caused by the conflict with the EU are currently mitigated by the strong Polish foundations, including the strong external demand, EU funds and improving the situation on the labor market – DGP said Dietmar Hornung, Moody’s managing director.

Polish ??OPINIAOstracyzm in the European Union will support praworzadnosciPo months of dispute and deliberation, the European Commission decided to open the procedure of Article. 7 to Polish, which can ultimately lead to Poland received the right to vote in the European Council. Devoid of Warsaw allies now depends almost solely on the goodwill of Budapest, which, having their own problems with the rule of law, previously promised that the use of veto sanctions against Polish. On the other partners in the region, including the rest of the Visegrad Group, Warsaw does not count. So much remains the policy of regional leadership, the Isthmus and the power of dreams. This is undoubtedly the defeat of Polish diplomacy, which led to the almost total isolation of the country in UE.Niestety, the effects of this decision will incur all Poles, not only the government, which, moreover, can ostracyzmie the country even to gain. Starting procedure Art.

7 against Polish EU may indeed have, in fact, counterproductive. It is very doubtful that the PiS withdrew from the set of destructive rule of law and the balance of power in Poland under the threat of sanctions Brussels. While the threat of sanctions rather strengthen the determination of Law and Justice, and may even result in the acceleration of activities destructive institutions of the rule of law in Poland. Criticism Brussels, supported by Paris and Berlin, will strengthen godnosciowych attitudes in society and the popularization of the rhetoric in the style of “Germany will not spit in our face,” and the French we “learned to eat with a fork” In every society threatened sanctions takes effect increased support even the most oppressive rule – just look at the reaction of Russian society to Western sanctions in response to the annexation of the Crimea. They do not crush the West have caused what she knew Russian opposition, asking for the lifting of sanctions. I witnessed a prisoner appeal Putin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who passionately urged Western politicians to abandon punish Russia. During martial law, both Solidarity, led by Lech Walesa, and the surroundings of Pope John Paul II appealed to the US and the West for the lifting of sanctions that weaken rather than aided support for the opposition.

It is, moreover, in fact, the most rational attitude. Penalties agree yet on the whole of society, and the least authority, which, in the words of Jerzy Urban, and so it will feed. Cuba and North Korea decades to live in conditions of sanctions, which consolidated the rather oppressive regimes in these fantasies include krajach.Do hope that the launch of Article 7 could strengthen the democratic camp in Poland. Will become exactly the opposite. The opposition is faced with the very uncomfortable choice – support Polish sanction in the name of right principles or oppose the actions, which, after all motivation agrees. Ends trimmed attitude and niewyrazistej unclear at which the Law and Justice party looks much more okreslona.Proeuropejskie attitude of Polish society also may suffer.

So far, the EU was perceived as a source of Poles leap that has been made after the accession to the EU. After starting the procedure, Art. 7 The EU will also be seen as a raw disapproving teacher unruly child. Western partners have their own motivations. Politicians give it greater clarity on the domestic scene.

They emerged as defenders of values ??and cohesion of the EU. These tend to be the particular motivations, and sometimes genuinely ideological. Attention to the survival of the rule of law and democracy in Poland rather not guided by them. Unfortunately, the actions of our western partners as yet lacking a positive program that would require far more attention and commitment. ??ROZMOWAKomisja scianaJak collides with you the Commission’s proposal on the opening of the procedure Art. 7? Proceedings itself is bad. The Commission misrepresent their competence and European law. Its action is unlawful and Poland does not violate EU rules.

While the two evils, if they intend to continue the campaign against Poland, the better the decision in accordance with Article. 7, which inevitably end failure Commission. The Council will not be unanimous to recognize that violated Art. 2. Better than grilling Polish endlessly by the Commission, which hinders us and destroys our image. Quoting Kmicic “Finish Wascana, save shame” .Przepisy on the Constitutional Court and the courts have in two years and changed very big impact on most of these institutions received government. We have no reason to strike their breasts do not.

Judicial system is not the competence of the EU. Like the retirement age of judges. It is clearly written in the treaties. The Commission usurped the powers and falandyzuje right reasons quite different than given. It’s not about right or values, but the interests of political gospodarcze.Jakie by your motives are the Commission’s activities?

These interests. In such circumstances, it is much easier backwater Polish opposition on the Nord Stream or induce Poland to buy certain weapons or embarrass her, that does not buy certain weapons etc. emancipates Poland, has his own opinion. Putting her into a corner in such circumstances serves the interests of the big players in the EU. The Commission shall implement their wishes. It is important who dominates. If you sum up the left-wing and liberal commissioners, you will have the answer to your question. They are wiekszosc.Jakie will be the effects of the Commission’s activities?

Will or not the majority of four-fifths in the first step procedure Art. 7. It is not a foregone conclusion, because in the European Parliament failed to gather the required majority, to prepare a proposal to the Council the same as the Commission. But even if you manage to collect most of the 22 countries in the EU to initiate the procedure, it will not be unanimous to recognize that Poland violated Article. 2. This case will land in the trash and those evil circumstances the best thing that can be wydarzyc.Jestesmy confident that there will be unanimity? Polish politics has shown recently that things will be impossible to zdarzaja.Nie, because if you succeed in the Polish – the procedure are threatened by another country. Their interest is not to create a precedent. Therefore, I am sure that in this case we will have the support not only in Hungary, but I will not speculate on who it might still be.

The Commission certainly collide with the wall. The former president appeared Thursday in the National Prosecutor’s Office, where he is to be heard in proceedings concerning breach of duty by public officials immediately after the disaster in Smolensk. Komorowski appeared in front of the prosecutor’s office hours. 10 in the company of the State Security Service officers and lawyers. Asked by journalists to comment, the former president said, before he entered the building, the prosecutor’s office, it wonders whether it is coincidence or deliberate intention to have his hearing was held close to the date of 10 kwietnia.zobacz also Bronislaw Komorowski appeared in the National Prosecutor’s Office for questioning ws. Smolensk catastrophe »” the only thing that comes to mind is that on April 10 revealed a fully nothingness charges PiS legislative instruments concerning the attacks, explosions, fog artificial etc. and probably trying to draw attention to other aspects and probably are need people who have to divert attention from the fact that the PiS is completely compromised earlier theories advocated for 8 years, already famous and painful still lie Smolensk “- said Komorowski.

A spokeswoman for the National Prosecutor’s Office prosecutor. Ewa Bialik announced earlier that the call was sent to the former president on December 18 last year, and its receipt was signed 21 grudnia.zobacz also: Prosecutor calls Komorowski hearing on the Smolensk catastrophe »With the information provided by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office that the procedure under which the prosecution called to testify Komorowski “includes contemporary prosecutors of the Military District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, who did not participate in the Russian Federation in the sections 95 Smolensk nor applied for their admission to these sections “. “I also ordered an autopsy immediately after transporting the bodies of victims of the Polish” – PK spokeswoman noted. As part of the investigation team of prosecutors PK also has to find out why after the arrival of coffins to the Polish not opened them. A spokeswoman for the National Prosecutor’s Office stressed that no section of the victims immediately after transporting their bodies into Polish, made it impossible to detect a number of errors associated with the identification of victims. In this case, on 3 August 2017. He was questioned former prime minister and current head of the European Council Donald Tusk.

Testimony as witnesses in this case have made .: former Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, former Minister of Health Ewa Kopacz, former Minister of Justice Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, the former Attorney General Andrzej Seremet, former chief military prosecutor General. Krzysztof Parulski.zobacz also: Lapinski: Is the media awards will be settled with the ministers Bronislaw Komorowski? »Members of the subcommittee Smolensk on Wednesday presented a technical report on the reasons for the disaster of 10 April 2010. They repeated among thesis that the Tu-154M aircraft was destroyed by the explosion. Also they announced that the earlier report on the causes of the disaster, which has developed the so-called. Miller’s committee (Committee for Investigation of National Aviation Accidents under the leadership of the then interior minister Jerzy Miller), has been canceled. Announcement of the Declaration by the LGBT + platformerskie Warsaw authorities on the eve of the European elections as a “terrible mistake” declared Roman Giertych. In theory, the cynic acted as adviser to the opposition the most effective tactics.

The key sentence of his comment was: “Topics ideological dividing the European Coalition of Law and Justice are the last hope to keep power.” One would suspect that there are fewer Giertych as an expert in political games, more as a spokesman for the right-wing views. But his voice was greeted with approval by many mainstream politicians PO, even Vladimir Karpinski, the former treasury minister (on Twitter). The fact that in the same sentence are divided Platform, evidenced by the decision to cut off Rafal Trzaskowski his predecessor, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Extremely strongly spoken out on this issue usually sympathetic PO Archbishop of Warsaw Kazimierz Nycz. Populists are perplexed.

Their activists advise on social media and powerful opposition demanding the resignation of Vice President Paul Rabieja Warsaw. For now, shadow theater can be a long time wondering what the fuss Platform. Trzaskowski treated it as a routine can be the fulfillment of one of the electoral promises easier than social, and matching the liberal capital. Grzegorz Schetyna idea comes, not to get Spring Robert Biedron outbid on leftism, also moral. And finally, it is important to mere hope for the opportunity to further clashes with the right, settlement of Europeanness, regurgitation wstecznictwa.zobacz also: What really Declaration includes LGBT +. Education and “sexualized” »But PiS took the initiative and he settles European Coalition, as well as fueling differences within it. SFE especially after the announcement of one of the declarations. Warsaw officials promised to “introduce anti-discrimination and sexual education in each school, taking into account issues of psychosexual identity and gender identity, in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).” The debate about what it intends to do in Warsaw schools, sparked excitement on the Internet.

Concerned are even some liberals who perhaps would not have anything against any regulation of legal same-sex relationships. However, anxiety react to emerging social media news that these standards WHO is very early to educate children about their sexuality and gender identity. Already Giertych, taking issue with the provisions of the Warsaw cards, recalled that it is the responsibility of local governments to expand the curriculum. Here decisions belong to the government. It seems that the only thing they could do Warsaw officials, is to introduce compulsory classes after school, and so that would require the consent of school authorities. And that the central government could effectively block as shown in Gdansk, playing against antyprzemocowym classes, recognized by the local provincial governor as too ideological. The more difficult to argue that there was a four-year plan for the learning of children, what is masturbation.

Although the record of right-wing organizations discovered in the 50-page document, which are “the WHO standards.” Confused PO politicians deny such intentions, indeed, rely on the fact that since the sixth grade of primary school is the subject of “Education for family life” that they would only satisfy new content. And this can not be too much to do in the absence of competence of the Warsaw school to write programs. At the same time according to the logic of war “progress versus Ciemnogrod” PO same politicians they are also not in a position to criticize even one sentence written under the aegis of the World Health Organization. As a result, they seem self ezopowe messages. Sex education, that is … no doubt exaggerates the threat of PiS, as exaggerated perspective of bringing the masses to Polish refugees.